Best Alcoholic Beverages - Royal Oak

Royal Oak Premium Blended Whisky – Gold Edition

Royal Oak Gold Edition is a premium grain whisky crafted by blending 25 year old aged Indian malts and selected aged scotch. The aromatic flavor of the blend is filled with a woody and warm rich finish, delicate to the palette giving a royal feeling thus living up to its name, “Royal Oak”. The golden hue of the color along with the rich woody aroma leaves connoisseurs with a smooth finish along with an unforgettable experience.

Available in – 750ml, 375ml & 180ml

Best Vodka in India - Viiking Alcoholic Beverages

SJJ XXX – Premium Polish Vodka

Polish Vodka is one of the most severed drinks around the globe. Using a traditional recipe and Polish raw materials, the SJJ XXX Vodka is sure to leave you smitten. Made out of quality potatoes, the vodka blend is triple distilled in the magical land of Goa,India. It’s our production techniques that have helped us transform the idea of vodka luxury into a reality. Blending the best of two worlds, SJJ XXX Vodka is en-route placing India on the vodka world map.
Now available in MH & Goa and soon across pan India.

Available In – 750 ml

Goa Kings Maxx - Alcoholic Beverages

Goa King’s MAXX – Strong Lager Beer

Fortifying the Goa King’s brand, this strong lager beer is a perfect combination of taste and style. Patiently bottom fermented at low temperatures for a crisp flavor, the Goa King’s Maxx is crafted for you to live your life to maximum. Living up to Goa King’s brand repute, this bottled Goan sunshine brings to you the sunny beaches, topical climate and all the things maximized!

Available – 650 ml & 500 ml

Goa Premium Beer - Viiking Beverages

Goa Premium Beer

Probably the best beer in its category, Goa Beer has a rich history and tradition. Brewed and bottled in the beautiful Impala, a single sip instantly transports you to Goa. Though local in nature, it is international in flavour with imported ingredients such as yeast from Mexico. With its golden color and an aroma of malts, it lets each one of you enjoy a refreshing beer drinking experience. Available internationally in the United Kingdom, Dubai & Nepal.

Available In – 650 ml, 500 ml & 340 ml

Goa Beer - Best Alcoholic Beverages

Goa King’s –  Premium Pilsner Beer

Synonymous with the Goa experience, Goa King’s Beer (formerly known as Kings Beer) is the perfect combination of taste, style and delight. Using high quality maize flaxes and imported hops, we have created the best Pilsner in the country. The Tropical water of Goa elevates the taste and makes it a delight and a favorite among those who believe in maximizing their life to the fullest. Our consistent commitment towards maintaining consistent quality and tireless efforts towards robust processes has earned us the No.1 Beer brand in Goa.

Available – 650 ml, 500 ml & 330 ml

Goa King’s Strong - Best Alcoholic Beverage

Goa King’s – Strong Pilsner Beer

After successfully launching Goa Kings Pilsner Premium, we have launched the Goa King’s Strong, India’s favorite strong pilsner which is brewed from the finest maize flakes and imported hops. King’s Strong combines unique taste and quality in a stronger version to offer maximum pleasure and impact. Living up to the iconic Goa King’s brand, the pilsner brings the Goan experience to life in all its glory.

Available In – 650 ml, 500 ml & 330 ml

Paani Natural Mineral Water - Non-alcoholic Beverages

PAANI – Natural Mineral Water

Coming straight from the natural spring water passing through natural filters, PAANI is unprocessed and bottled at the closest point from the source. PAANI is packaged drinking water in its most pristine form, untouched and untreated. Marketed under the Viiking Beverages umbrella, PAANI was launched to serve the customer need for mineral water of the highest quality, priced competitively.

Available in – 1ltr & 500 ml

Viiking Beverages - Life Packaged Drinking Water

Life – Packaged Drinking Water

Recognizing the ever increasing demand for packaged drinking water, Viiking Beverages aims to serve the customer’s need by providing hygienic drinking water to consumers across India. Priced competitively, Viiking Beverages aims at satisfying a basic consumer need profitably.

Available In – 1ltr, 500 ml & 220 ml

Best Energy Drink in India - XXX Energy Drink

XXX Energy Drink

Living up to the iconic name XXX, this energy drink is all about the adrenaline, rush and elevation. True to its positioning – Xperience Xtreme Xcitement, the XXX energy drink provides you that edge to perform further and push yourself to the limits. Rich in flavour and crisp in delivery, the XXX energy drink seeks to promote the spirit of going beyond capacities to attain that eclectic bliss.

Available – 250 ml

Best Vodka Mix in India- XXX Vodka Mix

XXX Vodka Mix

Get set for the time of your life! Shift your life to the 7th gear and surround yourself with awesome moments! Treat yourself with the truly International flavors mixed with Vodka imported from Poland, the house of the best Vodka in the world, specially bottled in India, for giving you the international flavor right here in India. One swig and you are ready to hit the floor in your unique style. Take your socializing to a captivating dimension with XXX Vodka Mix, brought to you in three exciting flavors – Cranberry, Lemon and Rejuve.

Available in – 275 ml


Casablanca – XO Premium Brandy

Casablanca Premium Brandy is produced from the choicest of grape and fruit cultivators. Distilled in phases and blended with select cognac, the Casablanca Premium Brandy is matured and aged in oak barrels for a distinct flavour and hue. A delight for the palette, this extra old premium brandy is the epitome of a fireplace drink.

Available in – 750ml


Pirate (XXX Rum)

Viiking (Black - Rum)

Fireball (Deluxe Brandy)